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Kiersten Mueller | CrossFit Nation | USA 

''I have nothing but praise for North Flow! I began working with them in August and even on the signup phone call, it was very clear that they were experts at what they do. 

My first consulting agency was NPE. They did show me how to run the business, in a crash course sort of way, but I was encouraged to go hard or go home. I never felt like I was building my own business. They didn't grow my business like they should have or made me feel like I was really getting anywhere. There was no increase in the number of leads coming in.

Enter North Flow-- the Marketing Machine.

It's the funnels and the follow-ups that really count, and both NPE and Remi teach that follow up needs to be spot on, though they never provided a good system to make it happen. And my lead gen never got any better!! NorthFlow has an amazing system and the leads are coming in! The text campaigns, TONS of marketing campaigns, and AUTOMATED follow-ups. I spend about 15-20 minutes twice a day answering lead messages. Neither NPE nor Remi's system have been able to pull in leads like North Flow.

I'm fairly new with the company and I've been running the gym with systems in place for 6 years now. I will be overhauling my entire method. I no longer need Skipio for 2k per year because they provide High Level, which syncs to all calendars, Facebook lead ads, and is now my CRM. I won't need Calendly or Schedule Once because High Level takes it ALL over. I don't even need to worry about getting leads into Zen Planner to run automations. High Level does it and I can see all of it on the dashboard. I'm even considering moving over to Push Press to manage memberships. Both PP and HighLevel integrate with Stripe payments. I'm done with setting up a zillon Zaps with Zapier!! 

(HighLevel is our client only software)

The training process is done via very professional looking videos, and is designed to take 6 weeks. However, if you don't have experience with automations with a CRM, you might want to go a bit slower, just to take the time to digest it all. 

I HIGHLY recommend NorthFlow and Bau. Any questions get answered quickly. I have never felt unsupported or felt like I was trying to meet someone else's goals. It's still my gym and I intend to grow it at my pace, meet my goals, and do it with Bau's support. And yes, I would do it all over again. I just wish I had found them 5 years ago!!

I hope this helps you decide to sign-on! If you are concerned about payment, don't be-- I recuperated expenses within 2 weeks.''

Donald Day | Peak Zone Fitness | USA

Jordan | Group Training Studio | San Diego, California

''I was skeptical at first, like VERY skeptical. I put my own personal savings down to work with Bau and his team. NorthFlow was incredibly unknown back then so I have to admit, it was terrifying. But when we first started, I think we got 50 new clients in just about 36 days. We earned our investment back 3x in 36 days!!!

Now after almost 3 years with NorthFlow, we generate about $1.7 million a year, we went from two employees to seven. They pitched mee more freedom & money and that's exactly what I got. I still work with them to this day.''

Short term results :

- 50+ new clients at $300/a month
- $15k in monthly EFT = $180k/a year
- 3x ROI in cash 

Long term results: 

- $1.7 million a year
- 5 new employees 
- More freedom & money 

Hugo S. | Flex Fitness | USA

''Hey, what's going on everybody it's your boy Hugo . I'm the owner of Flex Fitness right here in Houston so
if you're looking for a good place to work out, come see your boy. 

Anyway, I have been committed to making this review to say what's up to my favorite consulting company: NorthFlow Consulting. You see I was looking for a way to drastically increase my memberships at the gym so I hired Northflow to come in and join our organization to help us do exactly that GROW!. For the last six months, since February we have significantly increased our signups/sales, we've signed up more than 120+ new members. EVEN with this pandemic going on! 

We've collected over $40k in cash from our new sales already using this program. 

So guys, If you're looking for a way to scale & increase revenue and honestly just learn a sh*t ton about marketing your gym. You've got to talk to my folks at NorthFlow.''

Joshua Tarnofsky | Innovative Results Gym | USA

Jonathan Perez | Threshold training facility | USA

''My original goal when I started with NorthFlow was to reach 350+ members (Started at 105), pay off my debts, make some decent money, hire more people, and just being able to work less and spend more time with my family & friends. I wanted to achieve all this in 4 years. That was the dream in my eyes and I couldn't imagine getting there any faster. 

I reached these goals within 10 months! And in the process, I started to fall in love with my business again. I still find it unbelievable what you guys have done for me and I am just so thankful that I finally bit the bullet and decided to go with NorthFlow's program, and I wouldn’t change anything for the world.''

Kelly G. | Get In Shape for Women | USA

''Update on my stats since partnering with Northflow. 65 sold in 7 weeks, which is around $25k in profit. 

So far offered 27 participant contracts. 22 signed contracts, EFT $26,567 in the next 12 months & I still have like 40 participants to offer membership upgrade to and it's even better because we are changing lives so it's a WIN-WIN situation. 

If you have any doubts about going with NorthFlow Consulting, it’s worth every penny of our investment. We made the money back that we invested within the first two months and then some.''

Tracy Thompson | Roadside CrossFit | USA

Brian P. Group Training & PT Studio | USA

''Since partnering with NorthFlow Consulting 21 days ago, we signed up 36 new long term members for studio. All classes are full, so the next step is to extend the number of classes to serve more members. This is what I call a dream start of our co-operation. 

We are on track to have our highest monthly revenue & profit since opening 8 years ago. Had I not joined when I did I probably wouldn't have seen the end of 2020 and would have had to file for bankruptcy.''

John Greene | Ultimate Phyzique | USA

Adam Murray | Bootcamp Studio | USA

''Bau asked me to post a quick update on my database reactivation (Our quick cash strategy) results!

Sent out the first bulk request 6 days ago and have already scheduled 33 meetings for this week alone and signed 12 new people to our 6-month program. That's almost $10k in 6 days!!. 

And I'm only like 20% done with my list so if we can keep hitting these numbers I'm going to be looking at a $50k f*cking month. 

Great stuff guys! You've truly turned my world around here.''

Kristen de Klerk | Group Training Studio | USA

Sarah & Jason | CKO Kickboxing | USA

''My drool cup is full! We just had the number 1 month in the history of our company.

The program has allowed us to have freedom of life and allows us to spend time with our kids. we spent five weeks on vacation during the summer; and in July, which is one of those months we were away, the gym generated the most revenue that it did all that year. 

 I am just thrilled that we did it, and it is the single best thing we could have done to grow our business.''

Emma M. | Weight Loss Program | USA

Dawn Knish | Fitness for $10 | USA

''Number of new gym members since running the ads for 9 days = 86 and the 9 days preceding was only 47 so an 83% increase. 

All businesses have ebbs and flows, but this is a sustainable business model you can scale. When you put it all together, you get growth!''

Victor K. | Group Training & PT Studio | USA

Nancy Newman | 9ROUND | USA

''As a small business owner- Northflow has shown me how to manage and successfully implement our social advertising campaigns. I’ve spent $1000s with other marketing companies and received few leads. Our first campaign that I’ve executed with Northflow’s guidance has brought in more than 450 leads in 2 months.
What I like about this model is that they provide the tools and expertise to create and run digital campaigns yourself.
It’s the opposite of most marketing agencies- that want to milk the opportunity for the long term without providing the secret sauce.
These guys provide the secret sauce and coach you through every detail.
Like anything- you only get what you put into it.
Beau is lovely, super knowledgeable and available when needed.
I highly recommend NorthFlow, they are truly the partner we need to grow our business! ''

Thomas S.| Bootcamp & Group Training | USA

Ben J. | Group Training & PT Studio | USA

''I have increased my own pay over 100 percent. This gym has become more than a hobby; it is a legitimate business.

NorthFlow helped us set up a clear direction to grow our business. It has changed our lives. 

We added 25 members last month, easily handled the load with all of our new systems, and we can now see the light at the end of the tunnel and a brighter more sustainable future.''

Hugo Sanchez | Flex Fitness | USA


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